This Part That Differentiates Brushless Motor With Other Motor

If you often pay attention to the electronic devices you have at home, then you will find a brushless motor that serves as a mover. The tool is also commonly called the DC brushless motor. If it breaks, then you should immediately replace it.
One that distinguishes a DC brushless motor is the presence of hall sensors. the commutation system of the BLDC motor must be electronically regulated because the wire windings on the stator must be on or off or energize in order and orderly.

BLDC motors use three Hall sensors mounted at a distance of 1200 on the stator to detect the part of the rotor which will be affected by the magnetic flux. Hall sensors are a transducer that produces varying stresses when magnetic field differences occur. When the rotor is rotating, a large magnetic field change between the permanent magnet and the electromagnetic force of the wire windings will be detected by the Hall sensor as a controller input.