More solutions for the error phone’s touchscreen

If you feel that your touchscreen is an error or problematic, do not rush to take a decision if your smartphone is damaged. Maybe your smartphone just has a problem with multi-touch, so your Android smartphone looks damaged, but only lag. Therefore, follow how to fix the HP touchscreen that cannot be touched below. Meanwhile, you may also need to check out wtb phone as well.

You can download MultiTouch Tester for free so you can find out if your smartphone is damaged or not. When you finish downloading, you put all your fingers, whether counting all or not. Typically, a smartphone gives multi-touch as much as five fingers or ten fingers, it depends on the smartphone you use. After trying it, you can just say if your smartphone is damaged or not.

Try Going into Safe Mode

If you feel your smartphone screen is an error because most of the apps you install from various sources, then try to go into Safe Mode. The reason, how to solve the problem of touchscreen Android one is quite powerful to do. Because by enabling Safe Mode, the platform will only run the default application only, so the Android smartphone operating system will be much lighter.

Do you already know how to get into Safe Mode? If anyone does not know how to get into Safe Mode, you just need to press the power button, then select and hold longer Power Off option, it will show Reboot to safe mode. Select OK.

Do not Carry Charger

When you face touch screen problems on Android when refilling your smartphone, it’s not a problem with the system or even the hardware. That’s definitely the problem of the charger you use to refill your Android smartphone. Well, problems like this often really happen to you, the article you would like to recklessly use the charger to recharge the battery, especially when it is pressed.

Therefore, never haphazardly use a charger. Usually, most Android smartphones can not when using a charger from a BlackBerry smartphone. So, from now on you know how to overcome touchscreen not working when Android smartphone screen error?