Here are Some Things About Tea That You Should Know Further

Tea is useful for your body because of the many benefits that exist in the tea. One type of tea that can even lose weight is red tea. Many who consume it as a skinny fit tea that is used to eliminate fat in your body.

However, many people think that tea is always good for health. In fact, there are some things about tea that are bad for your health, like

– Eliminating thirst with tea is wrong, tea actually causes dehydration.
Drinking hot iced tea is refreshing. But, you must know that your goal to drink tea is to quench your thirst, that’s a big mistake. Instead, you will be dehydrated after the freshness is gone because the tea has diuretic properties or facilitate your urination.

– When fever, drinking tea actually adds body heat and neutralize the function of the body-lowering drugs.
If the fever is over your body, stop drinking tea! Tea is believed to be familiar for sick people, but not for this one. Drinking tea during a fever instead of lowering body heat, just the opposite. Tea will actually increase your body temperature. In addition, tea will neutralize fever-lowering drugs that you consume.

– If you often dizzy, could be the blood intake in your brain is reduced, reduce the intensity of drinking tea.
If you often get dizzy when drinking tea often? It is reasonable. Too often tea can reduce platelets in the body. This is caused by the inhibition of iron absorption in the body. You feel dizzy because your brain actually has a deficiency of red blood cells.

– For mothers who are pregnant, mostly drinking tea has the potential to make the fetus born anemia and lack of iron.
Tea for yourself alone can be dangerous if consumed in excess. Excessive consumption of tea also adversely affects the health of the fetus. If this is continued, there is a risk that the baby will be born with lack of blood and iron deficiency.