Life Journal: A Bridge for Our Descendants

What should we write in our daily journals? The answer is anything. As far as what we write it is experiences that will have a positive impact on those who read it. Our personal journals can contain our experiences, our feelings, our attitudes toward the things that happen in our lives. And of course, the important moments that happen in our life for example about your vacation trip to Phoenix. Some people think the journal is a diary, which is identical with secrets we do not want others to read, or about groans and heartbreaking stories. It’s true that personal journals are diaries, but when they do, think about our descendants who will read them, and think about how journals will inspire and help them in their lives. Avoid writing things that are not very important in our personal journals.

Writing personal journals is not old, nor is it a waste of time, it is a great habit. When we write our personal journals, we are actually building a bridge between us and our future descendants. In order for them to know us so that our experiences can be a lesson for them, so that every value we get in our lives, can be passed on to them.

Vines and the types of trees that don’t need to be pruned

As with any other plant, vines need to be trimmed primarily of thunbergia, Alamanda, bougainvillea, and purple stephanotis. Make trimming after the flowering period is over so new branches appear more. Thus appear also the tops of new flowers. In addition, the vines should be pruned, especially if the stems contain wood. Dried twigs are usually more common in the inner pergola. These dry twigs will disrupt the fertility of the plants or knock down the pergola. Meanwhile, you can also take a look at tree cutting Sunshine Coast, if you’re looking for a professional tree lopper and removal services.

There are plants that don’t need to be trimmed

Not all plants require pruning. The types of plants that grow to cultivate such as heliconia family, kana, bromeliads, ginger-ginger, or lily Paris for example, do not grow up. After adulthood, this type of plant precisely cultivates and have new shoots. Better parent plant removed (broken down) because the parent plant will no longer flower (not productive). The breaking of plants aims at giving each crop a chance to grow on its own, productive and produce new crops, and so on.

The palm family plant also does not require pruning at all. Sometimes all it takes is to cut a few leaves on the lower part of the tree to make it more interesting. Because naturally, the old palm leaves will dry off and release by itself (or deliberately released), the remaining base of the drying roses actually appears exotic.

As for bamboo plants, initially, it takes pruning by removing twigs on the bottom of the main stem to expose the beauty of the main stem in the future. But if the branches and leaves are too thick so bamboo grows curved down (because of the weight), do the trimming as necessary.

That’s it for the info about plants that we can share with you today. Always remember that some plants must be pruned or taken care of with some special treatments, all the while some others might won’t need too many attentions in the first place.